Investing in creators

Alchemic invests up to $100K in content creators to help them fuel their growth

A better way to
fund your content

Produce more content
Hire a bigger team

Build new revenue streams

We invest in your future

We are the largest investors in content creators. We know how hard it is to get funds to scale your business and we are here to help you!

Share your details with us

We use our advanced analytics platform to estimate revenues from your creative businesses

We give you money upfront

Based on our revenue estimations we give you $100K upfront within 24 hours

Let's share the revenues received

We will share a small percentage (<25%) of your revenue in exchange

How to get started

Alchemic is in invite-only mode. Chat with us to get started. We want to learn more about you and explain our product.


Schedule a quick chat with us for free


Tell us about your content and plans


Get funds from us and grow faster!

Many famous youtubers MrBeast, Dude Perfect, Donut Media have used similar services to fund their growth

We want to make this accessible to everyone!


Are there any fees/what's the catch?

There are no fees, we share the revenue from the content we invest in. We take a up to 25% of your revenue only for a short period.

How do you make an investment decision?

We use statistics to predict revenue of your content. We use these predictions to know how much to invest, % revenue share & time period.

Are you an MCN?

No, we are not an MCN (Multi-Channel Network). We don't interfere with your channel management in any way. We only provide funding.

Do I have to make a commitment in terms of the content I make?

Not at all! We leave you the full freedom over your content creation and what you want to create. We just guide you to grow!